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Join us at the Growing Communities Conference September 26th and 27th

Making a successful community garden requires building physical infrastructure (such as raised beds, water systems, & compost bins), but it also requires building the human infrastructure — the community that will keep the garden growing for years to come. Representatives from the American Community Garden Association will be coming to San Diego to facilitate a great 2-day Conference that will focus on how to build the “community” within our community gardens. You can apply to be an attendee or volunteer for the Conference by clicking here.

We are also accepting sponsorship for conference attendees, monetary donations, and food donations to make this a successful event for all of SD County.

For details about the Conference,  click here.


SDCGN Mission Statement

“Our mission is to help create, support and grow community gardens that enrich their neighborhoods by enhancing food security, promoting a sustainable environment and fostering community based educational opportunities and community building.

We focus on developing long-term partnerships to create community gardens that meet these goals through service-learning projects, workforce capacity building, and through intergenerational and multicultural outreach.”

San Diego County Community Gardens to register your community garden with the Network or to update an existing map entry, click here:

To view map in full screen, click here.

Tell us about your garden so that we can connect with community gardeners across the county to . . .

  • Identify where community gardens currently exist
  • Gain better information on when the garden is open to the public, size, eligibility requirements, plot availability, unique qualities, needs and resources.
  • Make community garden information available through a community garden map and contact list (we’ll ask permission to publish information before posting it on the web).
  • Connect local residents with community gardens that need of resources, provide educational opportunities, or have plots available.

If you are involved with a community garden or garden that is routinely open to the public, please complete the following survey:

The information from the survey will be posted on our website and unless otherwise requested in the survey.
Please note: If a question in the survey is starred and it does not apply to tou write”N/A” in the blank.


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