Free workshops for school personnel and community partners coming up in SD!

26-27 February, 2013: Fresh Fruits & Vegetables: a Centerpiece for a Healthy School Environment. A two-day course where you’ll learn fun and interactive ways to increase availability and consumption of fresh fruits & vegetables at your school. For more information and to register, please visit

25 April, 2013Garden Enhanced Nutrition Education (GENE). A workshop for school staff and community partners focusing on using the garden as a tool for teaching about nutrition and healthy eating. This workshop will take place at Lakeside Middle School. Click here for more information and how to sign up.

26 April, 2013: GENE Train-the-Trainer. This workshop is a unique training opportunity for experienced garden educators and support professionals who would like to replicate the GENE workshop for educators in their area. The workshop will take place at the RCD’s office in Lakeside – please note participants must also attend the GENE course on the 25th and participants are eligible to apply for a $550 grant to put on their own GENE workshop. Click here for more information.

Questions? Contact Ann Baldridge at

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