On this page you will find recent reprinted research and reporting on community gardens and urban agriculture.

Sixteen City Urban Ag Report

This report surveys the zoning ordinances of 16 cities and explores how these cities have incorporated urban agriculture into their land use plans. Each city was chosen either because of its long-standing urban agriculture practices or because of its recent efforts to revise its zoning ordinances. All information contained within this report is current as of June 1, 2011.

Assessing Urban Impacted Soil for Urban Gardening, May 2011

Phytoremediation1, Soil Lead Remediation in NYC

Community Gardening in Camden, NJ. Harvest Report: Summer 2009

This report summarizes research on community gardens in Camden, New Jersey, with a
focus on the production and distribution of food. The specific aims of this project were
to measure the amount of food grown in community gardens and to trace its distribution
and use. The broader goal of this ongoing research is to understand household and
community strategies to build food security, mainly the roles and impacts of community
gardens. It involved three sorts of fieldwork, all conducted in the summer of 2009:

  1. On-the-ground survey of community gardens throughout the city of Camden, tallying the amount of food under production by crop. Community gardens were defined as those where people garden on land they do not own individually, including multiple-family gardens with separate plots, single-person gardens on lots adopted through the City’s Adopt-a-lot program, and gardens at churches and other community-based institutions.
  2. Weighing of harvest at five gardens in different sections of the city.
  3. Interviews with gardeners about the distribution and use of harvest, as well as interviews with garden support program staff.

Preserving Community Gardens In Cleveland: Sustaining Long-term Financial, Social and Environmental Value, 2004

How Urban Agriculture Is Revitalizing Local Economies, The Huffington Post, June 4,2013


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