Seeds at City

Seeds @ City Urban Farm  unites people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds with the common goals of improving the quality of the earth and the lives of those who work the land and who share in the harvest. Our farm provides local, healthful organic foods to those who have little or no access to such produce and offers education in the art of sustainable living to all.

At Seeds @ City you can:

take part in a semester-long sustainable urban farming apprenticeship under the instruction of our experienced urban farmers work toward a certificate in Sustainable Agriculture or take classes for your personal development
get your hands dirty as a volunteer on Tuesday and Saturday mornings
enjoy a beautiful, working farm right on campus

Urban Farming Workshops- Summer 2012

All workshops will be offered from 8am-Noon at Seeds@City Urban Farm located on the City College campus at 14th and C Sts just up the stairs from the parking lot.
Cost: $100 per workshop. Receive a $20 discount for each additional workshop that you register for!
Instructor: Paul Maschka, City College Sustainable Urban Agriculture faculty

For more information contact Erin Rempala or 619.388.3712

Make checks payable to “Seeds@City Urban Farm”
and mail to:
Erin Rempala, Urban Farm Manager
San Diego City College
1313 Park Blvd
San Diego, CA 92101

Proceeds from workshops will go toward providing summer maintenance to our outdoor living classroom, Seeds@City Urban Farm and supporting our sustainable urban agriculture

**We reserve the right to cancel workshops that have less than 10
people registered**

July 7thGetting Started:   Seasonal Planning &Design: What grows here and when to plant it
July 14th- Water: Rainwater Harvesting, Earthworks, & Irrigation
July 21st- Plant it, grow it, eat it! Learn how to build a bed, plant, and harvest organic produce
July 28th- Locavore Empowerment Gain familiarity with how to plant, harvest and prepare 5 local crops
August 4th- Uncovering the Secrets of Soil Fertility Enhancement
August 11th- Habitat Gardening: Creating an Abundant Food Forest

Paradise Found -Local, Organic sustainable Food in San Diego

Businesses are popping up that cater to converting your water thirsty lawn into edible landscaping. While students clamor to start farms on campuses and faculty develop curricula for sustainable urban agriculture, communities everywhere flock to farmers’ markets and organic food. Delve into the reasons for these trends and discuss why they are occurring with such demand now. Are these initiatives and aims themselves sustainable? In pursuit of the answer, not only we will read selections from pertinent current literature, we will also visit several examples of urban farming in San Diego County from colleges to yards, and highlight organizations and regulations that are making this possible. Along the way we might even get to sample some tasty, locally grown, organic
food and beverages.

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